Hello,  I’m Karen, when I’m not working my nine-to-five office job I love to paint.  When I’m not painting I’m thinking of other ways to get more art into my life.  I love visiting museums, art shows and artwalks.  I’m often accompanied by my almost-teenager who is constantly thinking of ways to get more Xbox games into his life.  I love color but work with a limited palette.  I long to paint with oils but use acrylic.  Life is a constant.
I am forever an encourager – as an admin assistant I help artists, photographers, solopreneurs and other creatives by taking on time consuming everyday admin tasks to allow them to do what they do best – creative work.
As a virtual assistant I don’t require desk space, health insurance or office supplies.  I offer affordable rates with 200% effort which makes a very cost effective package.
If  you would like to  discuss how my admin services can help your business, please email hello@karen-miller.com and I will respond as soon as possible.